The federal government institution "Russian Research Institute of Economics, Politics and Law in Science and Technology (RIEPL)" was established by the order of the Ministry of science and technology of the Russian Federation in January 2000 through the merger and reorganization of the Russian Scientific Research Institute of Economic Problems of Science and Technology and Analytical Center for Scientific and Industrial Policy (AC SIP) and is the successor to both entities.

AC SIP was established as a special unit affiliated with the Presidium of the Soviet Academy of Sciences by the order of the USSR Council of Ministers in 1990. It performed various tasks entrusted to it by the Council of Ministers and the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, ministries and other agencies, and provided advice to NGOs.

The main function of RIEPL is to provide scientific, methodological and analytical support to the activities of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. RIEPL conducts feasibility studies on the principles underlying the Government science, technology and innovation policy as well as its implementation tools, including economic, legal and international aspects. The Institute translates intellectual achievements into recommendations and suggestions for decision-makers.

RIEPL’s competitive advantage stems from its special character, as the Institute’s responsibilities include both conducting conceptual and academic research and dealing with practical management issues concerning the development of the S&T complex in Russia. Research is being conducted in close cooperation with the departments of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, which are the main consumers of scientific and analytical outputs of the Institute. RIEPL regularly completes their operational assignments related to performing managerial and organizational tasks. The staff is involved in the preparation and expertise of various documents, ranging from conceptual papers and draft laws to specific proposals, correspondence etc.

The range of services provided by RIEPL includes drafting of legal instruments and suggestions for amendments to them, as well as the development of methodology, guidelines, newsletters, expert reports, digests and other analytical and methodological papers aiming to support the Russian Ministry of Education and Science and other government structures.

These outputs form the basis of intangible assets of the Institute.

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